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Terry Gavin:

Sherry Johnson:

Jane O'Neil:

 In Your Shoes Guiding Circle Members

TERRY GAVIN, Co-founder & Co-President

Terry Gavin is the Co-Founder and President of In Your Shoe, a giving circle, started March 2008. In Your Shoes was started as a way of giving back to the Westborough community in need. As a stay-at-home mom for the past 30 years, Terry has been a Westborough volunteer for almost all that time. She started as Team Recruitment captain for Relay For Life in Westborough and worked her way up to Chair of Relay For Life. She held numerous positions for the Westborough Youth Soccer Association when the association started the U6 and U8 program.  She was President of Westborough Fine Arts Education Association for two years.  The Westborough community is a wonderful, giving community that makes giving so easy to do. 

Sherry Johnson, our Secretary.

Jane O'Neil is our Treasurer.