Please help us spread the word. The Civic Club was happy to be able support your organization this past year. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with this year's tree lot information in the hope you will share this information with your membership through whatever channels your group has (email,website, Facebook, meetings, newsletter, etc.) The Civic Club provides support to our community through the success of our sale. Feel free to pass this information below and attached “Why Shop Civic Club” on to friends and neighbors as well. Thank you in advance for your support! Wreaths - Trees of all sizes - Roping by the yard Tree Lot is Open Daily starting Saturday Nov 25th Monday - Friday 3:30 pm to 9pm (New Weekday Hours) Saturday - Sunday 9am to 9pm Westborough Civic Club Sale is located at Hastings School, 111 East Main Street (Rt. 30), Westborough (New Location!)